One might say that winter is the season to stay mostly inside and dream of summer’s warm and sunny days. Of course, when having a family with kids this becomes a bit difficult to achieve and alternatives have to be found. But lucky for us, the Sibiu County has so much to offer in terms of family escapes.

Biohaus Nucet

One weekend in January, after some serious snow had fallen in the previous weeks, we said it’s a good idea to spend the weekend in the country side, somewhere around Sibiu. We were thinking for a long time to check out the Nucet Bio-Haus, a lovely guest house we’ve heard so many good things about.

Biohaus Nucet

Our accommodation – Nucet Bio Haus

The owners of this guesthouse are a lovely family who decided that city life is no longer what made them happy and decided to move in a more relaxed environment, where simple pleasures count more and you can actually enjoy them.

Biohaus Nucet

Bio Haus is not big, but it was exactly what us and the other 5 families with kids that came with us needed. They have around 8 rooms available, furnished with traditional objects, very tasteful and simple in the same time. They also have a big living and dinning room, with enough room for 2-3 years old kids to run around and play.

Biohaus Nucet

The guesthouse also offers a meal plan and for us, being families with kids, this saved a lot of time and effort. Not to mention that Bio Haus goes 100% local. Meaning that all the ingredients they use are from their own garden and farm, or from the local producers in the area. So expect to try some very tasty and traditional recipes while here. During summer time, ingredients are fresher, of course, but even now, in winter, we were impressed by the tasty dishes we had. Not to mention the homemade fruit syrups and alcoholic drinks.

Biohaus Nucet

Bio Haus has a big garden, enough room for kids to run around and play in the snow. We built snowmen, we rode on sleighs, we ran in the snow. The weather was perfect to keep the kids outdoors, even in winter. During summer time, it’s a true delight to spend a few days here, with all the warm days, the fresh vegetables and the beautiful view.

Biohaus Nucet

Activities in the area

You can, of course, chose to come to Bio Haus and just rest and enjoy the calm of the country side. But if you’re a person full of energy or you have a bunch of kids you have to keep busy, the area offers a lot in terms of activities :

  • in the farm, you can help the owners with the daily activities: feeding the livestock, harvesting vegetables, fruits or aromatic herbs, walking or horse riding
  • you can go harvest medicinal herbs from the hills in the area
  • if you’re into having a one hour walk, you can get to a perfect spot to have the best Făgăraș Mountains view

  • you might be lucky enough to be there while a My Transylvania Brunch is being organized
  • you can go fishing on the Olt and Hârtibaciu rivers, if that’s one of your hobbies
  • the Fortified Church from Hosman and the Old Mill from Hosman – Hosman is a lovely Saxon village, about 15km away from Nucet.
  • the Bruckental Palace from Avrig – they have a very nice restaurant, with a lovely summer terrace and they have some special recipes they cook with local and seasonal ingredients; if in Avrig, check also the Forfified Church
  • ride a Steam Train on the Hârtibaciu Valley – you can find out more about the schedule HERE


Biohaus Nucet

From Sibiu you can go to Nucet using the DJ106 (Sibiu – Agnita – Sighișoara) to Cornățel and then make a right at the bridge over Hârtibaciu River on the DJ106G. This road is new and very nice. Another way is from the European road E68, near Avrig, you go to Săcădate crossing the Olt River at the Avrig Power Station and again on the DJ106G road.

Here are also some weekend road trips we did in 2017 around the Saxon villages in the Sibiu County:

[Romania] Road trip to the Fortified Churches in the Sibiu County (part 1)

[Romania] Another weekend in the Saxon villages

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  1. I had the good fortune of staying here last August (2017) when I was on a cycling tour with Transylvania Cycling. The place is absolutely charming, the hosts welcoming and the food delicious. Cycling is a great way to see this beautiful country, fast enough to cover a lot of kilometers, but slow enough to take it all in. I loved it so much that I’m going back again.

  2. […] in may areas you don’t even have a mobile network coverage. Marpord, Chirpăr, Cornățel, Nucet, Hosman, Alțâna are some of the villages of the Hârtibaciu Valley, with Agnita being the main […]


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