I did mention before that I am quite fascinated about the Evanghelical Fortified Churches in Transylvania, so every time I see one, I have to check it out. It’s rather the way they are built that attracts me, than the simbol they represent for the religion. As we went to visit the Bruckental Summer Residence some weeks ago, we couldn’t have missed the Avrig Fortified Church, which is actually right accorss the road from the palace.

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The church was built in the XIII century in a romanic style and was fortified at the beginning of the XVI century. The altar was built in 1805 and the orgue in 1807.


The oldest object in the church is the font, brought to the church in the year 1715.


The church still holds ceremonies every week, but it is also open for visiting every day. There is a nice lady who will show you around and tell you a few stories about the church.

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  1. […] the Bruckental Palace from Avrig – they have a very nice restaurant, with a lovely summer terrace and they have some special recipes they cook with local and seasonal ingredients; if in Avrig, check also the Forfified Church […]

  2. […] Visit Avrig – being the most important town of this region, it’s also where the Samuel von Bruckental baron built a summer residence. Which today is a very nice option for a Sunday afternoon – you have a restaurant, a very nice summer garden and for those who want to spend the night there, they also offer accommodation. While in Avrig, also pay a visit to the Fortified Church. […]


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