Medical Records present it’s first “modern” release showcasing a full LP compilation of material by American minimal synth band Medio Mutante.

Seth Nemec formed “Medio Mutante” in the winter of 2006, recruiting Houston based artist and musician Mariana Saldana and Los Angeles native Jose Cota. The first time the three met to work together in Austin, Texas they recorded “Inestable”, a minimal synth song about being mentally unstable. The same instability fueled a brief but prolific output from the band, releasing vinyl and cassettes on several American and European labels before splintering apart. Nemec was inspired to name the band “Medio Mutante” (average mutant) by Shinya Tsukamoto’s “Regular-Size Monsters” series of films. The band’s sound is also a mutation of their 1980’s influences, using vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines in creative and unexpected ways. The band shuffled instruments and signal routing for every single song, making it difficult to perform live but also providing a broad palette of sounds. Drawing influence from such acts as El Aviador Dro, Absolute Body Control, Front 242, Duotronic Synterror, Oviformia SCI, Yukihiro Takahashi, Medio Mutante integrated it’s childhood love of late 80s/early 90s Hip Hop, Latin Freestyle, and New Wave into a hybrid concoction that is truly unique. This full LP is composed of the band’s long out of print 6 song limited EP from 2007, their limited 7” from 2009, and 4 previously unreleased tracks. “Eadem Mutata Resurgo” is a latin phrase meaning “though changed, I arise again the same” which is appropriate considering Medio Mutante’s mutation of 1980’s influences. The tools of which these tracks were crafted include the Korg KR55b, SCI Pro-One, Roland SH09, Doepfer modular synthesizer, and many others. Standout tracks are “17 Años”, “Vividor”, and the amazing instrumental “Gone For Good”. Already known and sought after by many but also of interest to the unititiated fans of early crossover minimal synth pop, analog electronics, and the like.


medical records

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