As this year’s summer vacation was quite long and full of very nice experiences, I felt the need to start telling this story with a quick summary of the places we visited.


We had 11 days of vacation split between South of Spain and Morocco. We first got to Spain. We landed in Malaga, but as we have some friends in Calahonda, we decided to book our accommodation there as well, to be closer to them.


With our apartment right on the beach, this was the headquarters for swimming and sun bathing all day long.

We also took some time to visit Malaga for a day. Here we ate all sorts of sea fruit, cooked in so many delicious ways that I still can’t decide which I liked the most. We visited the city a bit and went to a fish market to buy fish and sea fruit for barbecue.


For a weekend we went to the absolutely charming Tarifa.


Here the beaches are just perfect and the town is full of life day and night. The perfect place if you are young, are really into kite-surfing and like to party all night long.


During the weekend we were there, there was The Tuna Festival going on so we took advantage of it and enjoyed so many tuna dishes one can even imagine. I will tell more in a future post.


Then we went to Morocco for 5 very full days. We had a guide that drove us all over the country. We visited Fes, Meknes and Rissani, three of their cities.


We had a quick stop at the Archaeological Site of Volubilis.


And also to see the monkeys.


We spent one night in the beautiful Todra Gorges.


And we had an amazing trip in the desert with camel trekking and sleeping in a tent for a night under an incredibly clear sky.


And in between, we had a lot of mint tea, tasted the Moroccan cuisine and saw a very beautiful country.

I will take the time and tell you the story of each of the places we visited, so stay tuned 🙂

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