2015 is almost ending and it’s time again to take a look back and see what we’ve been up to the whole year. As we started a more important journey in our lives at the beginning of the year, travelling had a bit to suffer, but still we managed to have some very nice escapes and discover new and absolutely amazing places. So for all you, pregnant women, in the mood to travel, I confirm, it’s possible 🙂

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This year’s summer vacation was just amazing, maybe one of the best we had so far. Perfect weather, great friends, excellent food and beautiful new destinations that, most of the times, just left us breathless.

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As I mentioned in my previous post, one of our destinations for the summer vacation was the Spanish Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun). We didn’t manage to see it all, but we did get a bit of a taste of the life and local cuisine and the delicious mojitos.

Costa del Sol is a region in the South of Spain, in the Province of Málaga, Andalusia. Formerly it was made up by a series of small fishing settlements and villages, but today the region is one of the a most renown summer tourist destinations.

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In the 60’s and 70’s Costa del Sol experienced an explosive demographic and economic expansion becoming a popular destination for foreign tourists not only for its beaches, but also for its local culture. It was a place with fashionable events, parties and a lush lifestyle. Since then, many things have changed and now the area is much more peaceful and quiet , being preferred more by elderly people.

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As this year’s summer vacation was quite long and full of very nice experiences, I felt the need to start telling this story with a quick summary of the places we visited.


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