The Bănița Gorges are incredibly spectacular and easy to get to, but not actually known by many. We got there by accident, when coming back from our trip in the Parâng Mountains. It’s only a 30 minutes trip and the gorges are right on the side of the national road DN66, so if you pass by, there is no reason in the world not to stop and explore the gorges a bit.


The gorges are quite short, about 300 meters, but the walls of the mountain look like marshmallows.


Actually here was a cave through which the Bănița river passed. The ceiling of the cave fell down and this is how these amazing gorges came to life.


In some areas of the gorges, it’s a bit difficult to walk on the edge of the river so the easiest way is to go directly through the water, although sometimes the river can be quite high due to heavy raining.

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