According to Lonely Planet, Transylvania is the number one region to visit in 2016, so start packing everyone.


Put the crucifix away and discard that bulb of garlic – you won’t be needing them in today’s Transylvania, which blows away stereotypes faster than the flapping wings of a bat out of hell. Yes, horses and carts still rumble through the wooded countryside, but they’ll soon share the roads with Uber cabs ferrying visitors to chic Airbnb lodgings. Look past the ‘Count Drankula’ T-shirts and you’ll notice an ever-increasing number of art galleries, good value ski resorts and epic nature tours.

As we also live in Transylvania, we have checked some of the beautiful spots this regions has to offer, so take a look down below if you need more arguments to start planning your trip.

Mountains :

In terms of mountains, Transylvania really has it all. From high and hard to reach peaks (the highest being 2544m), to caves, valley, cannons and deep forests, you will find it all here. The Carpathian Mountains actually surround Transylvania in the South, East and West so there is plenty to choose from, if you like hiking or if you just want to enjoy some fresh air in a nice chalet.

On the Moaşa Valley to the Moaşa Waterfalls

The hidden wonders of the Apuseni Mountains

Hiking trip to the Omu Peak

The Urlatoarea Waterfalls

Discovering the Făgăraş Mountains

Transfăgărășan and Bâlea Lake

The Valea Cetății Cave

Winter Hiking to the Bârcaciu Chalet

Ciucaș Mountain

The 7 Ladders Canyon

Sunday hicking to Suru

Conquering the Negoiu Peak

The lakes in the Parâng Mountains

The spectacular Bănița Gorges

The Bolii Cave

4 days at more than 2000 meters high

Short hiking trip around Cisnădioara

Winter Hiking to the Lonely Stone (Piatra Singuratică)


Just a short trip to the Bâlea Waterfalls


Transylvania has some of the most beautiful towns and cities of Romania, so if you come in the area do not miss Sibiu, Brasov, Sighisoara or Cluj Napoca. Cluj Napoca and Sibiu also have airports so it easy to get in. Also Targu Mures has a small airport with quite a lot low cost flights from many destinations in Europe.


Sibiu Village Museums


Turda and its wonders


One day trip to Brașov

Castles, churches and fortresses:

Transylvania is full of history and that’s what also gives this region its charm. Everywhere you look you will find some evidences of how the region developed in time. So, if you’re interested in fortified churches, beautiful castles and fortresses, you will need a lot of time to check them all.

Even we, although we live here, didn’t have the time to explore them all, but we did see some of the most representative ones.

The Banffy Castle

Roman City Porolissum

Hunyadi Castle

Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa

Cârţa Cistercian Abbey

The Râşnov Citadel

The Râşnov Fortified Church

The Făgăraş Citadel

The Brukental Palace from Avrig

The Avrig Fortified Church

The Câlnic Citadel

Dacian Fortress of Cățânaș Tilişca

The Mălăieşti Fortress

The Sântămăria-Orlea Church

And others:

Maramures : where you cling the map on the wall

Grădina Zmeilor Natural Reserve

Jibou Botanical Garden

The Praid Salt Mine

The Hateg Buffalo Reservation

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