We stopped at the Rotonda Chapel and the Reformat Church from Geoagiu during one of our road trip weekends. the weather was not an ideal one for a family road trip, but as far as the rain didn’t start, we were happy to wonder around.


The Rotonda Chapel is the oldest church in Romania, built from stone. The Chapel was built in the XI century and is the only circular shaped chapel still standing on the territory of Romania.


In the same yard with the Chapel, there’s also a XVII century Reformat Church, so don’t leave this place until you had a look at this beautiful building as well.


Having a lot of Gothic influences that can be seen in all the decorative details, the church is still in quite a good shape. When we went there it was closed for visiting, but I did read online that sometimes you might find it open to also see the interior.


The church has a 20m high tower with no access to it. No door to go up, no windows, no one knows which was its initial purpose and why it was built this way.


Both the monuments are open to the public without any admission fee and thanks to a local project, you will find information panels at the entrance with details about both churches.


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