Geoagiu-Băi is a well known balneoclimateric resort, in the Hunedoara county. Just after you enter Geoagiu-Băi, there is a pathway to the Clocota Falls, a 20 m fall on the Clocota River. The name Clocota, means seethe or boil and the river was named like that because the waters of the river collect all the thermo-mineral springs in the area. Due to their temperature, they are a good environment for thermal water specific plants and animals.


The path starts from the main road and goes to the right through a small forest. In approximately 10 minutes we were at the right side of the waterfall. There are some stairs going down to the river at the bottom of the waterfall.

Entering Geoagiu-Băi resort we found another sign pointing to the Clocota Falls. This way is arranged and goes to the left side of the waterfall, where a picnic area is also located.


Photo gallery with the Clocota Falls:


One of the most interesting places to visit in Geoagiu-Băi is the Germisara thermal springs complex, so called “The Hill of The Romans”. It’s a circular mamelon with a 90 m diameter, where the Romans arranged, underground and on the surface, small pools where the hot water was channeled.


The cave was carved into the rock by the natural hot water and when the roof collapsed, was used as a natural hot bath by the Romans. The big pool from the underground has water also today.


On the surface of the hill, small pools were dug in the ground and padded with wooden boards. The hot water was channeled to this pools using channels carved directly into the rock or built by wood, mortar and stone.


It’s a spectacular place and an adventure to discover the ancient channels and pools used almost 2 millennia ago, but you have to be very careful when you walk above the hill not to fall in some hole.

Photo gallery with Germisara:


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