Our summer vacation in Pays Bigouden this year was by far one of the most relaxed, laid back and enjoyable trips so far. 6 days spent in villages and small towns where time almost stands still, with walks on the beach, with a boat trip, with local food, everything enjoyed at a slow pace, taking time to absorb all around us.

I previously wrote (HERE) more about how we got to have this trip, what Pays Bigouden is all about and what villages, communes and towns we visited during our stay. But the daily walks, the beautiful coastline and the beaches have to have their story told as well. So here it is – a list of the outdoors we checked in Pays Bigouden.

The Loctudy Beach

The beach in Loctudy starts right from the port and its a very enjoyable walk especially at low tide as you get plenty of sea creatures lost on the shore, ready to be explored.





Plage de Sables Blancs

One afternoon, after tasting the traditional Pays Bigouden crepes and having some local cider at Creperie du Ster, we headed to the nearby Plage de Sables Blancs, a beautiful wide beach facing the stirred ocean. Weather was not necessarily ideal for having a swim, but thanks to the cider and to two youngsters who came there explicitly to do so, we also dove in the quite cold waters of the sea. It was of course a quick swim, but exactly what we needed to warm our body up and put our blood to work.




During the summer months (July and August mainly) this beach is full of people sun bathing, so we were quite lucky to not have anyone around for a couple of hours.

Baie D’Audierne

The Audierne Bay is a beautiful unspoiled natural spot in the area. A beautiful beach, with sand dunes rising, with a rich flora and fauna waiting to be discovered. Quite windy, it’s also a wind surfing highlight for locals, but it’s also an excellent option for an outdoors walk, facing the ocean and enjoying the fresh air.






Pointe de la Torche

South of Audierne Bay is the Pointe de la Torche, a beautiful natural rocky formation going into the ocean. A small path guides you through all the area and the heavy wind follows everywhere.






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