Astra Film Festival is a major event in the European film community and Romania’s leading documentary festival. The Festival is located in the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, and it is unique in South-Eastern Europe.

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With Bradshaw’s 1913 Continental Railway Guide in hand, Michael Portillo ventures east through Romania. He uncovers an unlikely fan of his Bradshaw’s.

A documentary film by Astra Film

A really cool documentary about the famous Kraftwerk, one of the pioneers of the electronic music scene. The documentary shows all the evolution of the German band from the first shows to what they have become today, to the last year’s series of 8 live shows interpreting all of their entire catalog in London’s Power […]

A very nice video presentation for Sibiu and the surrounding areas, showing the main attractions of the city, but also of the entire county.

Here’s the third part of the Wild Carpathia documentary. This time about northern Romania, a world of medieval villages, ancient monasteries, historic traditions and mesmerizing beauty.

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