February 18, 2013

[Documentary] Home

I’ve seen this documentary a couple of years ago while visiting some friends in Berlin and it’s hard to say exactly how it made me fill. I felt impressed by the power of the things around us, angry at the damage we have made, but also optimistic thinking that there is something that can be done and that there will always be people who will appreciate and protect what this planet gave us.

HOME starts like this : ‘Listen to me, please! You’re like me, a homo sapiens, a wise human. Life, a miracle in the universe appeared around 4 billion years ago and we humans only 200 000 years ago. Yet we have succeeded in disrupting the balance that is so essential to life. Listen carefully to this extraordinary story which is yours and decide what you want to do with it.’

It’s the story of planet Earth from the first form of life to the modern society. Nature and life are both miracles surrounding us. Everything around us is linked, nothing just happens, every tree, flower, river, bird or ocean has it’s own role, it’s own place, nothing is futile, they all balance. The images in the documentary are absolutely astonishing. It was filmed in 54 countries and 120 locations and shows ones of the most incredible places in the world. From South Africa to North America, from Europe to Asia, there are millions of places that just take your breath away.

And than humans come along and manage to upset the earth balance and all it’s beauty. We work hard to take out all resources, oil, minerals, wood, water anything that can be measured in money. We are growing in numbers faster and faster, our needs keep evolving and we keep damaging the environment around us. We build sky-scrapers, polluting factories, we drive too many cars, we throw to much garbage, we forget what is actually important and what we actually depend on.

This documentary will give you goosebumps and maybe, if you care of what is happening around you,  it will make you realize that we, humans, have a great responsibility. We have to learn to protect nature, to protect our planet, because it is the one who gave us life.

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