Going to the Suru Chalet for a nice one day hiking trip is a good option if you have a free day and some good weather. Especially if you do it somewhere in June when the mountain peony is fully bloomed and everywhere you look you see purple spots.

2014-06-22 15.45.52

The hiking trail starts on the Moaşa Valley, in the Sebeșu de Sus village, somewhere around 30km far from Sibiu. For a part of the way, you can still go by car, but the road doesn’t look so good, so we had to park our cars and start walking. We chose the red circle path which seems to be the hardest one for getting to the Suru Chalet. It takes about 2h30 – 3 h to get there and it’s mostly through the woods.


We also had to cross the Moaşa river 3 times on the way.


As it rained quite a lot this spring and summer, the river was quite big and for one crossing we had to take our boots of and cross the river with bare feet. The water was sooooo cold, but it gave us the needed energy to get to our destination. The cool part about this trail, although being the most difficult one, is that you can make a quick stop at the Moaşa Waterfalls.IMAG0016The waterfall looks absolutely amazing this year, due mostly to  the heavy raining lately.


We got to the Suru Chalet around noon, just in time for a quick lunch and after a short break, we continued going up to the mountain ridge.


We went up with no specific purpose, but just enjoy a beautiful view over the mountains.

2014-06-22 14.53.47

We were very lucky to find all the ridges full with flowers, bloomed in all sorts of colors.

2014-06-22 16.41.17

We started our descent from Suru around 5 PM and we got down around 7.30 PM, so we had enough time for one day to get to our destination and enjoy everything around us.

2014-06-22 14.50.43

The Suru mountains are part of the Făgăraș Mountains, with the Suru peak being the highest, 2281 meters. The Suru Chalet is situated at about 1500m high and from here start the hiking trails towards the Negoiu Chalet, the Avrig Lake, the Bârcaciu Chalet and the Negoiu Peak (the second largest peak in Romania, 2535m). The Suru Chalet is a good starting point for quite a lot of hiking trails in the Făgăraș Mountains.

Last year in August we were at the Suru Chalet for one night. We had a 3 days trip in the Făgăraș Mountains and we went from the Suru Chalet to the Avrig Lake and to the Negoiu Chalet. Here‘s the full post of the trip.

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  2. […] on the Moașa Valley – red circle path: The path starts from the Sebeșu de Sus village via the Moașa Waterfalls. You can go by car on the forest road until you get to the first river crossing, from where you can only go by foot on the marked path. It takes you about 2h30 – 3h00 to get to the Hut if you chose this path and it’s the most difficult one, as the hiking path is quite steep. Someone with a good physical condition can do it with little effort, but it’s not suitable for people who are not that active. […]


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