I’ve been planning for quite a while now to also start writing about places we normally go out to eat or drink in Sibiu, because we are always hunting for new places, but places that locals like, not the touristic tasteless and flavorless ones.  So here we are, I hope this is the first from a long series.

I was very happy to hear that we FINALLY have in Sibiu a raw-vegan restaurant. It just opened about 3 weeks ago and it’s called Copacul Vietii (The Tree of Life).


Situated in the center of the city, but away from all the touristic attractions, made me feel like I was going for a visit at my grandma’s place. Very stylish decorated in a vintage way, it gives you a sense of comfort and relaxation, although it’s quite a small place. We were the only ones there, on a Friday for lunch, so I can imagine that when all the place is full, it might get a bit crowded.

Now let’s get to the interesting part : the food. I am not quite convinced yet that raw-vegan food is my favorite, although I always try to have a healthy way of living, with eating as many fruits and vegetables and avoiding as much as possible the animal products, but this time I can say that everything we tried was just absolutely delicious. The menu is not very complex, they mainly have freshly squizeed juices (both fruits and vegetables), some appetizers, 3 types of soups and some main dishes (including hamburgers and pasta). poza3

What we tried and absolutely liked was the gazpacho soup, the Arabian appetizer (with humus, falafel and tabbouleh), the guacamole and tabbouleh salad and two of the deserts (the Trio cake and a sort of poppy roll).


We also had a mushroom stew which was simply divine. Please remember that we are still talking about the raw vegan restaurant and the dishes are not thermally processed.


Regarding the prices I could say that, compared to other restaurants of this kind, they are quite low. Of course they are bit higher than a normal restaurant in Sibiu, but still, we are talking about quality and healthy ingredients. For us, 4 people, the bill was 140 lei (~ 30 EUR) and it included all the above mentioned (1 soup, 4 main dishes, 2 deserts) and drinks for each of us (apple juice, lemonade with honey and a very healthy juice made with spinach, apio, cucumber, lemon…).


Overall it was a very good choice to try this place and I cannot say how happy I am that finally there is such a place in Sibiu.

They also offer detox programs for 7, 14 or 21 days, you just come every day and take your food for the next day and they give you all the advice you need to be successful.

Address : Bd. Vasile Milea nr. 1, Sibiu

Phone : 0729.146.100 (it’s better if you call first and order what you would like to have and have it ready by the time you get to the restaurant – we waited about 20 minutes until everything was ready)


Website (the menu and all the information is only in Romanian, but I’m sure the crew speaks English as well).

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