So, we’re in Sibiu for the weekend, planning to stay indoors for two days, and after being some lazy cats on Saturday, on Sunday morning we wake up with way to much energy and decide that only some hiking and fresh air could chill us down.

[Romania] The Magura Peak

As the kid is home with us, we have to think about a short and relaxing trip that wouldn’t exhaust her too much, but still she would get her share of moving around and breathing some fresh air to put her early to bet at night. So we decide to go for the Măgura Peak of the Cindrel Mountains, just outside Sibiu.

[Romania] The Magura Peak

The Măgura Peak is just about 1300 meters high, but it has a strategic position from where you can see the Făgăraș Mountains and the Cindrel Mountains. Getting to the Măgura Peak can be done either from Cisnadie (2 hiking paths) or from Cisnădioara, the path we took, on the blue cross trail .

[Romania] The Magura Peak

We left our car close to where the hiking trail starts and we entered the forest. And considering that it’s mid-spring we’re talking about, we found a perfect green and thick forest in front of our eyes. Ideal to cool us down from all the hiking effort and from all the heat outside (April was surprisingly hot this year).

[Romania] The Magura Peak

Hiking to the Măgura Peak is done mostly through the forest, but it was a true delight to see all the trees so green and so many beautiful flowers on the way. The hike is a rather easy one, with not too many difficulties, but still going up is not that piece of cake when you have some kids following you.

[Romania] The Magura Peak

After about two and a half hours from our starting point, we finally got out of the forest and in about 15 minutes we reached the peak. Where, we just stopped, sat down, had a well deserved picnic and just enjoyed the view.

[Romania] The Magura Peak

With a perfectly clear sky, with a warm sun and a mild wind and with all the other beautiful mountains showing off their peaks, it was very hard for us to leave this place. Mind gets clear and body gets relaxed – it’s the effect that these kind of trips have on us.

[Romania] The Magura Peak

For our way down, we followed the same path and in about 2 hours we were back to the place we had left our car. And as it seems to become more of a tradition, after all the hiking we did, when we got in Sibiu we went directly for dinner at Cabana Valea Aurie – a neighborhood restaurant, with mostly traditional and heavy stuff and a nice summer terrace where kids can play around.

[Romania] The Magura Peak

The whole trip lasted about 7 hours, but we were in no rush, considering that we also had kids with us. It was a very enjoyable trip, ideal for a sunny and warm Sunday, when you’re in Sibiu and you want to run a bit away from all the city feel.

[Romania] The Magura Peak


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  1. Thanks for sharing about the trek to Magura Peak. I came to the Sibiu area almost two years ago to help at a children’s home in Cisnadie, and also to minister to the areas Roma people. I managed to survive the Covid virus and the lockdown. On June 13, 2020 I turned 73 and bought myself a mountain bike, and started riding again after 50 years! The first two days I spent just trying to stay up while riding circles around my car. I was convinced that my balance would come back, and it did.

    For the last two months I have set challenges for myself each day. First, climb this hill then that hill. I don’t know if it’s possible, but my next goal is to bike to Magura Peak. I have made it almost halfway from my apartment just outside the walls of the Fortified Church at Cisnadie, and my goal is just to push myself a little farther each trip until I make it. That’s how I have managed to tackle all the other hills around. My longest trip so far has been the Shopping City Mall in Sibiu. I have made two trips toward Magura Peak, setting a goal just a little beyond my last trip each time. Not sure I can make it, but I have already accomplished more than I ever expected.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience! Keep trying and we are sure each new achievement will be a reason to be proud of yourself and celebrate! Congratulations on not letting age stop you!


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