Astra Film Festival is a major event in the European film community and Romania’s leading documentary festival. The Festival happens yearly in the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, and it’s unique in South-Eastern Europe. The Festival spotlights contemporary human realities as evoked by documentary cinema. It champions documentaries that give a detailed and intimate account of the human condition in the form of powerful cinematographic stories. The Festival program gives a realistic vision of contemporary societies, and promotes cultural and cross-cultural understanding.

Astra Film Festival Sibiu is organized by Astra Film – Centre for Documentary Film and Visual Education, Department the National Museum Astra in Sibiu, and by the  Astra Film Foundation.

This year Astra Film Festival takes place between 15 and 21 October 2018.

For more information check the Astra Film Festival website.

Here are our recommendations. We chose a bit of everything – history, human condition, environmental issues, political and social realities around the world.

Date Location Hour Title Minutes
16.10 Astra Film Cinema 20:30

The Distant Barking of Dogs

16.10 Aula Magna 18:00 Transalpina – The Road of the Kings 41′
16.10 Thalia 19:00

Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle

16.10 Thalia 20:30 Mamma Mia 25′
16.10 Thalia 21:00 I am another you 82′
17.10 Habitus 18:00 Ship of Gold 25′
17.10 Habitus 18:30 Call him President 30′
17.10 Astra Film Mansarda 19:30 Licu, A Romanian Story 86′
17.10 Astra Film Cinema 21:30 Putin’s Witnesses 102′
18.10 Gong Theater 18:00 Nussbaum 95736 51′
18.10 Gong Theater 19:30 The Sun will rise 51′
18.10 Thalia 21:30 Caniba 90′
19.10 Thalia 18:30 Wedding of the Year 60′
19.10 Aula Magna 20:00 Unsettling 70′
19.10 Gong 22:00 The Image you missed 73′
20.10 Astra Film Cinema 10:00 Mountains Mafia: The Mushroom Pimps 90′
20.10 Aula Magna 14:00 Megaphone 56′
20.10 Astra Film Cinema 16:00 Ynk of Yam 75′
20.10 Aula Magna 17:15 Tanzania Transit 75′
20.10 Aula Magna 20:00 Styx 94′

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