Sibiu International Theatre Festival is an event that promotes excellence in the Performing Arts. The festival represents, besides a celebration of arts, a perfect combination of theatre, music, dance, circus, movie, conferences, exhibitions and an opportunity for connections and friendships.

Since the first edition, back in 1993, the festival grew and grew, gaining even bigger proportions and today the whole world acknowledges with great appreciation that, for ten days, during the International Theatre Festival, the World’s Cultural Capital is in Romania, at Sibiu.

Almost a tradition for a few years now, the news that the Festival starts with all the tickets already sold is not a surprise for anyone anymore, as well as the fact that the accommodation venues in the city are, too, completely sold out, way before the first day of the Festival. It is a sign of normality, a confirmation of a fact: culture changes communities, it brings people together and it can modify, fundamentally for the better and for always, the history and the architecture of a city, as in Sibiu the derelict industrial halls were transformed into a real Culture Factory.

This year the festival will take place between 14th and 23rd of June. You can find more information, the performances program and tickets on the festival’s web page

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