Chirpãr was our next stop during our weekend road trip in the beautiful Saxon villages around Sibiu. Travelling from one village to another was a true pleasure, as spring was on its way, everything was turning green, the landscape was something that filled us with so much positive energy.


The Chirpãr Fortified Church follows almost the same pattern as similar churches in the area. Build around the XIII century and fortified as a means of defense from the invaders of those times.


Chirpãr is a village where objects from the Bronze and Iron Age where discovered, so it had inhabitants from thousands of years ago.


The Fortified Church of this village is the oldest building still standing.


Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to visit it on the inside, but the gate is open and you can have a walk inside the main yard.




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  1. […] having a quick lunch, we stopped in Chirpăr to have a look at their fortified church as well. Same story, built in the XIII century and […]

  2. The fortified churches in Transylvania are really beautiful and they have such a rich history! It’s probably because they are such an important part of the culture and traditions inherited for centuries by the people who stay conected with these amazing places.


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