Valea Viilor (English – Vineyard Valley) got its name exactly because the Saxons living here were producing quality wine. The hills surrounding the village were perfect for having vineyards and the sun helped the grapes ripe exactly as much as needed so the wine had an excellent taste.

The Valea Viilor Fortified Church was built in the 15th century on the place of a former Romanesque Basillica. Later on, to resist the enemy invasions, a fortification wall was built together with 4 towers.

Valea Viilor Fortified Church

Inside the church there are numerous very valuable items such as the 1528 pews, the 1779 altar, the 1807 organ and the 1746 canopy over the pulpit.

Valea Viilor Fortified Church

The church is situated in the center of the village, so going up one of the towers will give you a nice view over the beautiful Saxon villages. Saxons have almost all left the village, but they do come back every year and make donations for the church to be maintained in a good condition.

Valea Viilor Fortified Church

At the entry into the churchyard there is a small museum of Saxon culture with traditional Saxon costumes, photos and other items donated by the members of the Valea Viilor community.

Valea Viilor Fortified Church

The Valea Viilor Fortified Church is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

Valea Viilor Fortified Church

If the church is not open, you will find a phone number written on the entrance gate, just call that one and the key holder will come to show you around (contact details: Michael Weber, Tel: +40/745/519 173/ e-mail

The Village

If you want to explore the village a bit more outside the church’s gates, the village has, of course, a lot to offer.

The village is part of the Eco-museum project, which promotes the patrimony of a settlement, including architecture, traditions, local products. You can get more info on this and other activities to be done in the village and the area, by visiting the Info Tourist Center (Strada Principala, nr.20, Monday – Friday: 08.00 – 13.00/ Tel:004 0269 515 199).

Bike Renting and Tour Guide

Horse riding, horse riding trips, carriage ride or slay ride – La Haiducu

Alcoholic drinks local producer – Ioana Savonea, Tel. 0040 269 512 210

Accommodation – in the Parrish House – 0040 0269 515 266

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