Our 5th day in Lithuania was basically about driving back from the Baltic Sea to Vilnius, as our trip was approaching its end and we had to get closer to the airport. As we had quite a long way to go,  we planned a few stops on the way as to make the day more […]

This day was for sure one of the highlights of our Lithuanian road trip. Lots of outdoor, sun, nature, wild life, a blend that we’re always looking for.

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Finally back on the ridge of these beautiful Romanian Mountains. This trip was so much planned, that just a few days before I wasn’t even so sure we would actually make it happen. But in the end it did happen and it was probably one of the most beautiful and amazing hiking trips we had ever.


The trapeze made by Moldoveanu (2543 m) & Viştea Mare (2527 m) peaks, seen from Urlea peak

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The weekend that has just passed was one of those weekends that made me think to myself : ‘Boy, am I happy that summer started in May this year!’ We went camping for two days on the Moaşa Valley, a small river, somewhere 30 kilometers far from Sibiu and had a lovely weather and a great time.

2013-05-19 15.25.55

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