We’ve been to Suru so many times now, that we’re considering of calling it our second home, up in the mountains. We always enjoy the time spent there and after a perfect New Year’s Eve, we planned another weekend here at the beginning of spring, hoping to see the crocus flowers in full blossom.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

The Suru Hut is situated in the Făgăraș Mountains and in the recent years it has gone through a long process of consolidation and renovation, which makes it now one of the nicest, cleanest and with very good services hut from the Făgăraș Mountains. It’s a perfect destination if you want to travel with kids as well. It’s the forth time our daughter (2 years old) goes there with us and she totally loves it.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

Ever since we started hiking some years ago, I was dreaming of getting up in the Făgăraș Mountains during spring time, when all the mountain is full of in bloom crocus flowers and snowdrop flowers. We didn’t get the chance to actually do it until this spring when one of our friends decided to celebrate her birthday up at the Suru Hut.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

The weather at the beginning of the spring this year was very cranky. Meaning we had 2 or 3 days of sun and spring temperatures, then we went back to under zero temperatures and snow. So we didn’t know what to expect regarding the weather and the amount of snow we would find around the Suru Hut. And even if it had snowed one week before us going up, we stuck to the plan and left Sibiu on Friday morning. The weather for the weekend was supposed to be quite good, so we were hoping to get up to the mountains and find what we were looking for.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

We chose the longest hiking trail to get to the Suru Hut, mostly because the shorter ones were not accessible due to the heavy snowing of the previous week. It was not the ideal situation, as we were also supposed to carry out daughter up, but in the end we managed to get to the hut in the expected time.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

As we started our ascent, the hiking path was dry with no snow and it was quite an enjoyable hike through the woods, with a warm sun guiding us. The forest was not green yet, but the tree moss was enjoying the good weather.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

As we got to the half of our trip, snow started to slowly show up on the path. Not much, though for the beginning. But after walking a bit further, the snow level increased and it became harder and harder to move forward. Still the view was beautiful and it compensated with all the effort of going up.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

Unfortunately, all the crocus flowers were covered in snow, so we couldn’t actually see them, as we were hoping. But from place to place, a small flower would show itself from the snow in search of the warm sun.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

When we got to the Suru Hut in the afternoon, everything was covered in snow. The hosts welcomed us with some nice drinks and something to eat after all the trip. We spent most of the time around the Hut, as going up on the ridge is not a very good option in spring time, when snow starts to melt and avalanches can happen.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

On Saturday, lucky for us, all the snow melted and the beautiful crocus and snowdrop flowers finally showed up and opened their petals in front of the sun.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

It was such a delight for the eyes to see all these beautiful flowers in front of us. We just couldn’t get enough of watching them and just sitting there in between them was such a perfect moment of relaxation and of clearing all of our thoughts.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

It’s an amazing show that natures offers every spring and it’s such a delight for the eyes and soul to witness it.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

By Sunday, when we went back home, almost all the snow we had found on Friday on the path had melted. So it was a very nice and easy descent. A bit of rain got us on the last part of the trip, but nothing too serious.

Suru Hut, Fagaras Mountains

Going up in the mountains for a couple of days is always such a lovely and relaxing experience for us, as adults, but for kids as well. Even if you do make a lot of physical effort, your mind is more clear, relaxed and rested at the end of the trip.

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