I’ve recently written about the Hârtibaciu Valley, about how beautiful and diverse this area is and about the abundance of local products. A few days ago, the chance arose to actually taste some of these local products in dishes mastered by Sibiu’s most talented chefs and I just couldn’t say no.

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Mid-November, when normally we would begin our winter hibernation, we still found enough energy to go out of the house and enjoy a special brunch organized by My Transylvania. They organize the open-air brunches in the rural areas around Sibiu, mostly during warm season, starting with the end of spring, throughout the summer and ending with the first cold days of the autumn.

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For the last year, going to a brunch on Saturday has become an usual activity when we’re not traveling anywhere else and we decide to spend the weekend in Sibiu. Good food, beautiful locations and very nice hosts – such a good combination for spending a few hours outside the house.

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I just finshed cooking a quick vegetables recipe.


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Last week, during our lovely vacation in Spain, I cooked some sea food pasta, somewhere at the sea side, about 80 kilometers away from Barcelona, in a place called Altafulla – Tamarit.

Ingredients :

Pasta (spaghetti)

Mix of frozen sea food bought from the supermarket(squids, shrimps, octopus etc)


Butter (instead of olive oil)

Cheese creame (Almette, Phliadelphia or any other kind)

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Chicken rolls with tomatoes, eggplants and cheese baked in the oven.

Chicken breast cut file
Fresh eggplants cut into slices
Tomatoes cut into slices
Cottage cheese
Olive oil
Salt, pepper and basil

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