For the last year, going to a brunch on Saturday has become an usual activity when we’re not traveling anywhere else and we decide to spend the weekend in Sibiu. Good food, beautiful locations and very nice hosts – such a good combination for spending a few hours outside the house.

It’s all about local products

The idea behind these brunches is to promote the local producers by using their products in delicious recipes. The food is normally cooked based on what seasonal ingredients are available and each brunch has a main theme – it can be cherries in June, pears and apples in September or medicinal herbs in July.


All the ingredients come from the local producers of the area where the brunch is organized and all are fresh and tasty. The menu is suitable for all people, including vegetarians and vegans.


The organizers of these brunches aim to promote as much as possible the local producers of the villages around Sibiu, because this is where the true local flavors come from (and not from the big supermarket chains where everything you get is almost tasteless).


Lucky for us, Sibiu doesn’t lack at all these local producers. You have vegetables, fruits, honey, cheese and milk, pork, beef, you name it.


Also, the brunches normally take place in a guesthouse in the village, guesthouse that follows the architecture of the area and that prefers to hire locals to do the daily jobs.


Perfect activity of families

Going to one of these brunches with children and family is a great idea. Besides the food part, you will also have all sorts of small workshops (like knitting or pottering), kids have enough space to run around and to learn to enjoy the countryside.


Discover the surroundings

The brunches are not only about food. They try to promote the village that the brunch takes place in and, with the help of the hosts, you get the chance to explore the area, to find out stories and legends about the village, to understand how the gastronomy of the place developed over the years.


The villages where the brunches take place are so beautiful. Fortified churches, beautiful houses with a special architecture and nature at its best. Either is Hosman, Nocrich, Orlat, Cisnadioara, all these villages are beautiful and walking on their streets is a such a delight, especially when you have someone who tells you all sorts of stories and legends about the place.


Where to find these brunches

You can find and book online going to a brunch on, but be quick, they sell out fast 🙂 is the place where you can find, besides these brunches, all sorts of events in and around Sibiu that promote the local producers and local gastronomy.

You can also find out more on the Facebook page.


All photo credits go to Gabriela Cuzepan.