As we’re so in love with mountains and hiking, our 1st of May trip couldn’t have ended without exploring some mountains in the area, so we dedicated our last day of the trip to hiking in the Siloșului and Plaiului Gorges.

The weather wasn’t expected to be the best for the day, but a bit of fog and rain didn’t scare us that much as to keep us indoor. So after checking out the Trascău Fotreress we decided to continue the trip and go a bit higher for a nice view over the mountains.


We were supposed to take the Blue Line path from the Trascău Fortress in the direction of the Bedeleu Plateau, but the signaling wasn’t very obvious and we wondered around in circle for about an hour and didn’t manage to find our way.


As we were on the point of giving up, we finally saw the blue line sign and got on the right track. The Trascău Mountains are not very high, so the trip was quite a relaxing one, through the forests and on the banks of the river.


We did have some slopes that we had to climb, but nothing to give us to much trouble. After getting out of the forest, we leave the Siloșului river behind and we get to a nice pasture, with a spring as well.


The sun was also up, the clouds were beginning to go away, so it was the perfect timing to stop a bit for lunch and to have a well deserved rest.


We followed the Blue Line path until we got to the Bedeleu Plateau (about 3 – 4 hours from our starting point), where we were finally on the mountain ridge and we could enjoy the beautiful view around us.


From here, we continued our trip on the Red Cross path through the Plaiului Gorges. These gorges are about 1,2 km long and you cross them directly, meaning you go on the river bank and you have to cross the river several times.


It was a bit more difficult that the rest of the trip, as we had to be careful because the rocks were wet and slippery.


But in the same time, it was a pleasant and adventurous trip, with nice views and a lovely salamander just as we were almost at the end of the path.


It took us about 2 hours to pass through these last gorges and to get to the Izvoarele village.


From the Izvoarele village we had to walk all the way back to the Trascău Fotress where we had left our car in the morning.

The whole trip lasted about 8 hours, with quite a lot of walking, but it was exactly what we needed to give us a heavy appetite and to have a very good sleep at night!


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