Summer has come earlier than expected in Romania this year. We are only in May and the temperature is constantly reaching 30 degrees almost every day. Sounds a bit hot, but it also sounds like a good time to start the road trips that we have been planning all winter long.

1st of May is a bank holiday in Romania, so we took advantage of this and had a short vacation, especially since we also celebrated Easter on the 6th of May. The destination of our first trip was somewhere far, in a place we like to say about ‘you hang the map on the wall’.

2013-05-04 10.27.53

The Maramures area of Romania is situated in the upper north part of the country, where tradition still makes the rules, where simple values are still considered important, where people are nice and friendly and where the mountains take your breath when looking at them. We had 4 days to experience all this and we came back more peaceful, feeling like better people.

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