Watched this movie as a recommendation from a French friend who just visited us some days ago and while watching it I was under the impression that the subject seems very familiar to me and then I realized that the story is quite similar to the one in Kim Ki Duk’s Pieta film.

The main character, Song-hoon, is a brutal and very violent debt collector, who, for a living, beats people to make them pay what they ow. The character is very well built. During the film, scenes from his childhood are shown, with his father beating his mother and in the end killing his sister, scenes that actually explain how Song-hoon can actually be a cruel and brutal person.

He learns compassion when he meets this high school girl, coming from the same violent environment, but who actually helps him to forgive and be more affectionate with his family, his step sister and his father, who had just come out of jail.

Ik-Joon Yang is the director of the film and he aslo plays the main character, Song-hoon, which would be a good explanation why this is such a perfect interpretation.

There is one thing that Song-hoon in a scene in the movie that actually describes his whole destiny and life : ‘There’s gonna be a day when the fucker gets fucking beaten to a pulp too’.

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