To the Zanoaga Gorges we got at the beginning of August, heading to a festival at the base of the Bucegi mountains, in Padina. Festival to which we decided not to go eventually, but relax and enjoy a weekend camping at the mountains. We put our tent in the Zanoaga camping and we stayed there for the next 2 nights.

2013-08-02 13.23.52

As we arrived to the Zanoaga camping somewhere around noon, we decided to take just a quick trip for that day and hike around the Zanoaga Gorges and then have a walk to the beautiful Bolboci Lake. We followed the blue cross sign from the Zanoaga camping to the Scropoasa Lake and it took us about 3 hours for both ways (with a quick stop for lunch at the Scropoasa Lake).


2013-08-02 13.43.03

2013-08-02 13.52.53

This hiking path is mainly through the woods so it’s the perfect trip for a hot summer day if you want to cool down a bit.


Being surrounded by an area of karst mountains, the Zanoaga River manages to create its path through the mountains, rearranging the rocks and giving them new shapes like taken from fairy tales.



The hiking path is an easy one and can be done by anyone who just wants to have a nice afternoon surrounded by nature, without having to have an excellent condition.


Coming back to the Zanoaga camping, we also took a small trip to the Bolboci lake, which is 15 minutes far from where we had our tent.


The Bolboci Lake is a built dam to gather water from the rivers nearby. It has a volume of 13 million cube meters and it’s often called the Sea from Bucegi. From the lake you have a great view on the Bucegi mountains and its green forests.


So this was our first day of the three days we spent in Bucegi. A relaxing day that got us ready for the next day, when we went hiking from dusk till down. 🙂

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  1. Hi! how long does it take to go to the Scropoasa lake? also is it a difficult walk? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Pau,

      It’s a short and easy walk, about 1h30 for one way. Enjoy!

      • Thank You! Is there any other access, any way we could get closer to the lake by road ? My health condition isn’t good enough for a 3h walk.

  2. Hi Pau, unfortunately there is no road for going there, but you can check the Bolboci Lake instead. The road takes you directly there, you have a great view and a nice hut with a restaurant right next to it. When we got there a few years ago, the road was under construction, so I would guess you will get a paved road now. Enjoy!


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