The beginning of 2015 gave us a lot of energy and we felt the need, after all the New Year’s parties, to go outside and enjoy a different kind of fun. We thought that having a short Sunday walk around Sibiu would be exactly what we needed to actually prepare for starting a new and long year. We woke up early and headed towards Cisnădioara. There was heavy snow outside, but the view was absolutely amazing.


From Cisnădioara we followed the blue cross path and our initial scope was to get to the Măgura Peak.


Everywhere we looked there was only snow and it also continued to snow without even thinking of stopping.


We didn’t manage to get to the final destination of our trip, the Măgura Peak, as we were moving quite slow and it was a such a big effort to actually climb mountains. And to sky in front of us was getting darker and darker.


So we ended up just having a 3 hours walk on the hills surrounding Cisnădioara and just enjoying a nice view and a beautiful winter weather.