We’ve been living in Sibiu for quite some years now and we have constantly been in search of true taste. Sometimes it’s hard to find it, especially when you visit the city for just a few days, so here’s the complete guide to how and where to get your food – restaurants, bars, pubs, juice bars, markets – all already carefully tested.

At a first glance, one would say that the gastronomy in Sibiu is nothing too spectacular. And yes, most of the places prefer to keep to that “selling” menu of salads, pizza and pasta with some steaks and french fries in between and 2 or 3 soups. But still, there are other places, with personality and with chefs and owners who are willing to experiment and to bring a bit of color and taste to your plate.

We’re true gourmands, to be honest and sometimes a bit picky when it comes to what we eat. We’re even more picky when it comes to Sibiu, as we live here and we know what fresh and tasty ingredients you can get from just a few kilometers away, directly from the local farmers and producers. The area is so rich and diverse in ingredients that gastronomy should be one of the main attractions of this city.


We’ve tried quite a lot of restaurants in Sibiu and there are too many that we visited once and never went again. But forget about those and let’s talk about the ones that make us go “Hmmm, sooo delicious” when we sit at their tables.


I will have to admit that we sort of worship this place. It’s in our opinion the coolest restaurant in Sibiu from all points of view. With two very talented chefs, SyndicatGourmet opened 4 years ago with a sort of Asian-influenced cuisine. Now they are working with mostly local ingredients and they are changing their menu in spring and autumn based on what’s in season.

They start their day with a trip to the local market to buy everything that’s fresh. The recipes they have now are a mixture of Asian with European and Romanian traditional reinvented recipes. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, as they have quite a lot of non-meat dishes.


We always start with a few samosas (the vegan ones are very tasty, but the lamb ones are our favorite) and some dried tomatoes hummus, followed by either a soup (the mango one is really cool, and the garlic one is just perfect). For a main, anything will do, from curries, to the roasted pork belly, to the beef tongue, to the healthy version of a burger with duck breast and to everything that’s fresh and seasonable in the  menu.




Capsicum is definitely an “off the beaten track” restaurant in Sibiu, but very much worth checking out. With a rather old school look, don’t expect anything too fancy when getting there. But the food will for sure impress you.


There is no “a la carte” menu, it’s all about the chef’s inspiration for the day and what he finds available at the market. It’s a mixture of the world’s cuisines so you will find here everything from Asian, to Middle East, to South American, to Mediterranean or Romanian dishes.


Jules Bistro

Jules is a beautiful bistro opened just a few years ago that focuses on the French cuisine, but not only. So expect to find on the menu all sorts of tarts and quiches, that are very tasty. They also try to use as much as possible local products, including meat from around the Sibiu County.


What we totally love about this place is their summer terrace, in an interior yard, perfect for hot summer days when you’re in search of a bit of shade, a good wine and a relaxed atmosphere.

jules 2


Opened in 2016, the story of Hochmeister started from an old Saxon cook book and some of the recipes were included in the menu.  But the restaurant describes itself as a restaurant with delicacies from around the world, so expect to find a mixture of everything in the menu.


Our favorites from the menu are the beef tongue, the duck steak and the Saxon pie. The menu, however, changes quite often, so you might find new dishes every time you pay them a visit.


La Cuptor

La Cuptor (The Oven) is one of the most chic places in town, considering its interior design. Not to mention they have a really nice interior summer terrace, perfect for those who prefer a quiet place for dinner. They also have a big oven just as you enter the restaurant, which is where they cook most of the dishes.

cuptor 1

The menu has changed recently and it gets better and better. They have mostly meat dishes, but nicely combined with all sorts of vegetables and purees. The plates look colorful and taste delicious. I think they have evolved a lot since they opened, they pay more attention to their ingredients and the way they mix them. A must try here – the beef bone marrow, the pork ears and the beef tongue goulash with home made pasta.

cuptor 2

Hermania Restaurant

Located in an old baroque building, Hermania is a classical when coming to Sibiu. They have a mixture of dishes from Sibiu, pointing out the diversity of this area with its influences, especially the Saxon and German ones.


Hermania is also the place where you can have fresh trout as they own a trout farm somewhere close to the mountains, about 70km away from Sibiu (there’s also a big restaurant there, called Albota).


Most of the ingredients come from their own farms – including meat, vegetables and cheese. What we like from their menu: potato and tarragon soup or the caraway soup; pork grease with bread; all the trout dishes. They also have a big variety of meat dishes and steaks (pork, lamb, beef) for all you meat lovers out there. They also have some of their products on sale, so on your way out you can get cheese, pastrami or sausages to go.

Crama Sibiului Vechi

If you want to try the traditional Romanian cuisine, this is the place to do it. The place looks, smells and tastes traditional. Located somewhere in the city center, expect to find a small restaurant always full of people and a big line waiting for a table. They don’t do reservations, so the only way to eat here is to wait in line.

sibiul vec

The menu is very much Romanian traditional and very tasty. I would recommend the soups, all of them are great, and the polenta dishes. Plus the traditional desert “papanași” at the end. Everything in the menu is tasty, but expect big portions and heavy stuff that will make your stomach digest for a few hours.

sibiul vechi

Prima Restaurant

Keeping it traditional, but outside the city center, Prima is a place that is very much worth checking out. Nothing fancy about this place, it looks rather kitsch and old, but for a tourist it will be for sure a true experience.

Image result for restaurant prima sibiu

Most of the people living in Sibiu come here for one main reason: to have the famous tripe soup that this place is known for. It is indeed a local delicacy served with lots of garlic and sour cream, but it’s definitely not for the faint hearted. We enjoy it every time we go there and if there’s room for more we try the dish called “muschi sibian” (a mixture of cheese, mushrooms and beef steak) with a nice portion of french fries and a garlic dip. If there’s even more room, we also go for the “papanași” with blueberry jam.


Prima is a small restaurant and full during lunch and dinner time so you will have to wait in line sometimes. Being outside the city center, Prima is mostly a place for locals and the prices are a bit lower, but more and more tourist are discovering this hidden gem.


Initially I decided to leave the international restaurants aside, but I will still mention OSushi. It’s a Japanese place, very classy and with proper Japanese dishes. We like them as we do some events in their location and everything turns out perfect every time. The sushi passionate around the city say that it’s a proper sushi place. They also have a delivery service, so if you’re lazy one Sunday evening and pizza is not an option, you can definitely try these guys.


Restaurant Capa

Definitely an off the beaten track place to have lunch or dinner. But if you’re looking for the most complex and diversified menu in town, Capa is the place where you will find it. They have so many dishes in their menu, you will probably need at least 30 minutes to decide what to try.

We’ve been there a few times and each time the food was perfectly cooked and delicious. They have quite big portions, so keep that in mind when thinking of ordering more than one dish. They also have daily lunch menus, quite affordable.

They also have a nice and quiet summer terrace, away from the noise of the city center and away from too may tourists.

Vegan Restaurants and Juice Bars

Not too many vegan and vegetarian places in Sibiu, but it’s better than about 3 years ago when we had nothing. The good thing is that what we have is healthy, good quality and tasty.

She’s Green

She’s Green is by far my favorite vegan restaurant. They normally have a daily menu with a soup and a main dish which is very tasty and diverse, but also an “a la carte menu” with all sorts of spreads, salads, smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. Not too mention the raw vegan deserts which are must try is there’s still room after full lunch.


They also have a take-away option and a delivery option for those who don’t have the time to sit in and eat.



Rawdia is the second vegan and raw-vegan restaurant we have in Sibiu. It’s a franchise from Bucharest and they are more oriented towards the raw vegan dishes. The place itself is quite small, but they have the take-away and the delivery options available. They have a weekly and a daily menu, plus a breakfast and snacks one, so plenty of dishes to chose from.



Rawissima is the raw vegan sweets heaven. They have only raw-vegan and healthy sweets, so if you’re in search for a nice desert this is the place. The have mainly cakes, but they also have all sorts of energy bars and chocolate or fruit mouse.


Sibio Juice Bar

Sibio is a very cool place right in the middle of the city, in Piața Mică (the Small Square of Sibiu) with all sorts of fresh smoothies and juices, coffee and tea. It’s perfect for a quick break after walking around the streets of the city. It’s also a good place if you want to have a meeting or work for a few hours with a beautiful view of the old houses of Sibiu.



Sucaria Lecca

Sucaria Lecca has mainly freshly squeezed juices with a cold presser. They have a big variety of juices for all tastes and now they also have a very tasty raw vegan chocolate. It’s only a to-go place and it has two locations, both of them, unfortunately not in the city center, but they have also a delivery service.


The one at Piata Cibin (Cibin Market) is really cool as I always stop by after buying fresh veggies.

Naturo Juice

This is a new place on the block opened on Sibiu’s main pedestrian street (Nicolae Balcescu) so very easy reachable if you’re downtown. They have all sorts of freshly squeezed vegetables and fruit juices, smoothies, healthy snacks and raw vegan deserts. You can have them to go, or on the spot – they also have a small kids corner with coloring books and pencils to keep them busy.

Hug the Plate

New in town, but with a super cool design and a perfect menu for a quick breakfast, lunch, dinner or any snack in between. Hug the Plate is a sort of bistro, with quiches, toasts, omelettes, fresh sandwiches, cakes and a big variety of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, plus coffee, tea and a nice atmosphere.

Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for having a light and relaxed meal somewhere outside the crowded old town of Sibiu.

Bars & Pubs

Sibiu does have a few bars and cafes in the city, most of them in the city center and some of them have worked on their branding and image in the last years, they pay more attention to what drinks they have on the menu and on how the service is.

Nod Pub

We love this place for 2 main reasons – it has a very rich drinks menu (from Romanian craft beers, to a wide selection of wines, to tea and coffee, including some tasty snacks for those who want more than a drink) and they are situated in Piața Mică (Small Square) and their terrace has sun all day long. Perfect place to go for a warm spring afternoon.


Saint Andrew’s Scottish Pub

For all you beer lovers out there, this is the place! Expect nothing too fancy as a design, but do expect to find a wide selection of International beers (British especially) and a wide selection of Romanian craft beers on tap and bottled.


Lili’s Caffe

Lili’s got on our radar again after being completely renovated at the end of last year. They also have a restaurant, but the food there doesn’t align to our standards. Still, the place looks very good, the drinks menu is very appealing and for a night out it’s the perfect place considering the very cool interior design.


Puro Wine and Coffee

Puro is outside the city center so if you’re looking for a more quiet place, than you should try this wine bar. They have a wide selection of wines from all over the world and a fancy interior design, plus a nice summer terrace. They also offer snacks on the menu, for those who want to complement their glass of wine with some nachos or a sweet cake.


Crama Național

Crama Național is a place that only locals know about and you won’t see too many tourists in this place. It’s one of the oldest pubs in Sibiu and lots of nostalgic people living in Sibiu still visit this place. The owner, Don Titi, is a funny and optimistic guy, always making jokes and making us laugh. Plus they have a menu of snacks consisting of 3 sorts of traditional Romanian bread spreads that we sometimes call Romanian tapas. Nights in this place don’t end too soon and they tend to be unforgettable with every occasion.


Coffee Shops

Hug the Mug

Hug the Mug is the small local coffee shop with tasty and fresh coffee and with all sorts of other small treats beside. They have two locations, one of them on the main pedestrian street in the city center. Perfect to get a morning coffee (to go or to stay) and excellent for a lunch cappucino.


Arhiva de Cafea și Ceai

Arhiva de Cafea și Ceai, situated just outside Sibiu’s main square (Piața Mare) is a nice place to go out for a good coffee and a chat. They also have a wide variety of tea from all around the world, plus for those who get their energy from a different type of drink – they have some good selection of Romanian craft beers.


The Refresh

Smoothies, juices, tea and coffee and a relaxed and cosy atmosphere, right in the heart of the city, in the Big Square (Piața Mare). Perfect place for a lunch break or for a long afternoon of catching up with friends.


Street Food

In terms of street food, Sibiu doesn’t have too many options, excluding of course, all the fast food places that you can find basically all over the place.

La Marietto

La Marietto is our favorite place when it comes to street food and in the same time one of our guilty pleasures. They have 5 types of sandwiches they prepare on the spot (one of them being vegetarian) with fresh ingredients. They have a big hob that they use to cook the meat and vegetables and everything is very tasty. They have a few tables indoor and a small terrace if you don’t want to take away. Unfortunately they are open only from 11 AM to 5 PM and they are closed during the weekend.


Lucas Super Sandwhich

Right in the city center, Lucas is a good option to have a quick bite if you’re on the run. They have fresh sandwiches, with home made bread and a wide variety of combinations, including vegan and vegetarian options.


Placintăria Deo Gratias

Deo Gratias is a hidden gem, I will tell you from the start. Not too many people know about this place, but if you checked it out once, you will do it for sure again. There is an old lady who owns the place and who wakes up every morning at 5 AM to prepare the dough. She bakes and sells traditional pies from the North-East part of Romania. The best one is the one with potatoes, cheese, sour cream and garlic, but the cabbage one, the onion one and the sweet ones are also very much worth trying.

Image result for placintaria deo gratias sibiu

Unfortunately it’s open only until 5 PM and it’s closed during the weekend.

Sweets shops

Atelier Sucré

We’re not really into sweets that much, but this place has the most delicious ice cream in town. They make the ice cream themselves every night, so you will get a fresh one every morning. They only have a few assortments, including some bizarre ones like coconut ash gelato, but each of them is very much worth a try.

They also have a nice small summer terrace perfect to enjoy your gelato.

Local Markets

What I love about Sibiu and what I loved from the moment I moved here is that the area around it is full of local producers of anything you can imagine – from meat, to cheese, to vegetables to honey, to fruits, to all sorts of drinks. And what is even better is that you don’t have to necessarily drive through the county to get all these, you just have to go to the market and get everything fresh.

Piața Cibin (Cibin Market)

The biggest market of Sibiu you will find here everything you need – meat, cheese, fish, vegetables and fruits, bread, drinks anything. Local producers are all over the place so you can’t miss them. The market is open all year round, but it flourishes starting May until late October. It’s such a delight to do your weekly shopping here.


Piața Transilvania (Translyvania Market)

Piața Transilvania happens every Saturday from 8 AM to 2 PM in the parking place of the main sports events hall in Sibiu (Sala Transilvania). It’s the freshest market of the city and most of the people living in Sibiu visit in on Saturday. You will find meat, cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables, honey, home made bread and sweets from local producers.

Piața Vinerea Verde (Green Friday Market)

Piața Vinerea Verde happens every Friday. Although it’s smaller than the Saturday Piața Transilvania, this one is right in the center of the city in the yard of the Evangelic Church of Sibiu. It’s a bio market and small producers from around the county come here to sell their ecologically grown products. Perfect place to stop for doing your groceries after a nice walk on the streets of Sibiu.

vinerea verde


Eco Zen Boutique

If you are in a mood for some special drinks this is the place of your dreams. I have to say that this shop is one of our guilty pleasures and that a big part of our income ends up here.

They have wide selection of craft beer (almost all Romanian craft beers can be found here), wines from small vineyards that you cannot find elsewhere and a good sector of spirit drinks, all from Romanian small producers.


BioCoop is an ecological peasant cooperative, a group of over 15 small organic farmers in the counties of Sibiu and Mureș organized to provide consumers in Sibiu and visitors from all over the world, healthy, local, organic products.

You can find all king of goodies at their shop in the center of the city: honey, wine, juices, cheese, eggs, sausages and other traditional products from smoked pork, oil, jams and syrups, zacusca, salt with herbs, bread and home made pasta.

Gusturi Locale (Local Taste)

Gusturi Locale is a brochure made by the Tourism Office of Sibiu and includes all the local producers of the Sibiu county with their area of expertise, name and contact info. It’s very useful for those wanting to explore the area of Sibiu more and to see from where they can get local and tasty products. Some of these producers some to the local markets in the city as well.

So this is how Sibiu looks in terms of gastronomy, from the point of view of two locals who are always searching for the authentic, local and fresh stuff. It might not be the holistic view and as new places open up they might be added to the list after a close and thorough verification.

Photo credits go to Gabriela Cuzepan and to the official Facebook pages of the places we’ve mentioned in the article.

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  7. […] the first years of organizing Transilvania Gastronomică the aim of the organizers was to connect the restaurants of Sibiu to the small local producers of the county and to create and bring to life the concept of  the […]


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